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oil products

Waste from plastic and rubber can, in many cases, be recycled and used for the production of new products by undergoing a thermolysis process. The same applies to organic waste. Thermolysis is a process where the material is heated without the supply of oxygen, resulting in the formation of gas that condenses into oil. Additionally, solid residue, such as carbon, is obtained.

The process is primarily self-sufficient in energy since some of the evolved gas is recirculated and used to heat the reactor. HTTech focuses on the exothermic effect – what we call 'magic' – a phenomenon where a chain reaction provides us with enough energy to almost self-sustain the process. The gas is partly used as an energy supplement and also for upgrading carbon products, further contributing to hydrogen production. The oil produced is diesel-like and can be used as fuel for a variety of engines, turbines, and for heat production in heaters. The carbon product can be used, among other things, as an additive in the production of renewable battery anodes and reducing agents.

The oil product derived from wood waste, primarily composed of tar, can be refined and utilized in cosmetics as well as in the production of anode materials.

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