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Our SuperCyanHydrogen is not only greener than green but also more cost-effective than green hydrogen. It can compete in price with the cheapest and most environmentally harmful fossil hydrogen that is dominating the world's hydrogen market today. Our innovative technology enables the production of SuperCyanHydrogen in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

HTtech can lead the process industry away from carbon-based energy to an environmentally friendly energy-source without increasing costs,

thanks to SuperCyanHydrogen.

Not all hydrogen is green hydrogen, and even green hydrogen is far less environmentally friendly than our SuperCyanHydrogen. Currently, most of the hydrogen on the market is brown or gray hydrogen produced using natural gas or coal as an energy source, leading to significant C02 emissions.

Currently, 70 million tons of hydrogen are produced annually, with 99% of it consisting of 70% gray hydrogen produced by using natural gas and 30% brown hydrogen produced using coal gasification. Together, these two types produce more C02 emissions than the combined emissions of the United Kingdom and Indonesia(IEA).

Usually, green hydrogen is produced using electrolysis and requires large amounts of power as it is inherently energy-intensive to seperate hydrogen molecules from oxygen in water. In contrast to traditional green hydrogen production, our technology uses residual energy from the production process and bio-waste as input factors, weakening the bonds between the hydrocarbons. This allows us to produce the market's most cost-effective and resource-efficient hydrogen while significantly reducing emissions.

Our technology is a much-needed revolution in the hydrogen market.

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